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Hi all. Sorry this is in English. I would like to know what is the best lub. for anal. I used the good old fashioned vasaline in the past and olive or almond oil were also good. I have tried normal gleit gel but this seems to dry up to fast. Has anybody any tips to share ? Thanks xx


If you don't have to fuck safe, old fashioned Vaseline works quite fine. But better make sure there's no alcohol included, except you like your ass to burn.
Heavy anal goes better with all vegetable Americas favourite cooking fat - Crisco. Very versatile...

If you use condoms - and we all know that's better - there are a lot of water-based lubes to choose. But most of them really dry up too fast. Designed for Quickies, not for hours.

I like silicone-based lubes. They work with condoms, also with Latex or any kind of stuff - just take care with cheap dildos. You can also use pure silicone oil (you can even find it in car accessories). Very kind to your skin!
Best use water-based lubes with silicone included - as long lasting as silicone oil and as smooth as water-based lubes. Perfect for fucking, fisting and toys. My personal recommendation: FF-Ultra Glide-Gel distributed by rhd, Germany.

Ecological gays of course are using slime of snails :mrgreen:


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I never knew that silicone was a safe solution. Thanks for the info xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Can you please tell me the problem with cheap dildos. I know im a bit stupid. How cheap is cheap? Also is there a product like a butt plug that I could use in normal day use and nobody would know. Except for the big cheaky smile on my face that is.


Don't ask for the exact reasons, I just read that silicone oil is better not used with cheap silicone dildos. Rubber or other materials don't seem to have the problem. Perhaps it's because of the softeners? If you are not sure with your dildos, just use them with condoms.

For your second question:
There are some plugs designed for 24h-use. Also there are special formed prostata-stimulators, NEXUS for example. Anal balls are definetly not the same, plugs really feel better. Or try latex-shorts with plugs included.
I advise to use 24-h-plugs only with silicone oil - much more pleasant to pull them out again.

By the way: people in India use little bags filled with spices like pepper, peppermint or curry paste for sexual stimulation. I've read they also use plugs made of ginger. No joke. Well, I've never tried it, but hell, why not?
But better not use chili, except you like it REALLY hot :twisted:


Again thanks. Its nice to hear from a man who knows his stuff. I will give the chili a miss. I once mastrabated with peppermint oil.Pure. I was in fucking tears man. Of course water dosn´t work. I will never foerget it.Cheers Jon xx


In my submissive days - long time ago - I often was treat with peppermint oil and I kind of enjoyed it. It always hurt more on my balls than on my dick. Water is really not useful, ice is hell ... and I liked the fact that you can't do nothing except of waiting and waiting.

But once I've been fucked with a dildo covered with peppermint oil and it was propably the worst thing I've ever went through. If you're really stupid enough to try that, one or two drops of oil mixed with neutral oil should be more than enough.

Should be a threat on his own: SM-accidents ... :mrgreen:

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