Geschlecht Mann
Alter 30
Beziehungsstatus Single
Größe 192cm
Gewicht 64kg
Figur schlank
Sexualität schwul
Augenfarbe braun
Haarfarbe schwarz
Haarlänge kurz
Bart kein Bart
Typ Indisch
Nationalität Deutsch
Religion Atheist
Behaarung rasiert
Sternzeichen Löwe
Raucher Nein
Tattoos Nein
Piercings keine
Ich spreche Deutsch

Über mich

Ich suche

Ich suche nach

  • Freundschaft
  • One-Night-Stand
  • Beziehung


Wenn du einfach nur Sex suchst, dann wäre es gut (echt!) wenn du in meinem Alter bist (von 20 bis 28 Jahre oder so). Ich mag vor allem Jungs, die schlank oder athletisch sind, und deren Körper rasiert oder unbehaart ist. Schreib mir (mit klaren Facepics!), mehr Bilder sind natürlich erhältlich. :)

If you're looking for something other than a cute boy-toy, then great - so am I! I'm always keen on meeting interesting English-speaking guys (around my age!), check out my "likes" list below and drop me a line if you think we might be able to carry on an extended conversation. I promise to reply, but PLEASE, for the love of god, include a picture of your face and a few lines about yourself as well.

And finally, an apology: I, like most people on this website (including probably you), am a bit of a superficial bastard who tends to judge people based on their physical appearance. I hate myself for this, and realise that I'm missing out on meeting some potentially wonderful people as a consequence, but that's who I am - sorry. :-|
("Der Charakter entscheidet wer zusammen bleibt aber das Aussehen entscheidet wer zusammen kommt.")

I like:

  • Math,
  • physics,
  • trains,
  • biking,
  • hiking,
  • long brisk walks,
  • buses,
  • singing,
  • languages and linguistics,
  • biology,
  • exotic foods,
  • cooking,
  • vegetables,
  • astronomy,
  • The Beatles,
  • Lady Gaga,
  • trivia,
  • old Hindi music,
  • geography and maps,
  • helping save the environment in small ways and then feeling good about myself,
  • being provocative,
  • McFit,
  • the Deutsche Eiche,
  • "retro" music,
  • classical Indian music,
  • roughing it out in the wilderness,
  • hanging around creepy abandoned industrial areas,
  • Bill Maher,
  • making fun of Republicans and the like,
  • 30 Rock,
  • Tina Fey,
  • the feeling of satisfaction after thinking real hard and finally figuring something out,
  • atheism,
  • sexy geeks,
  • P. G. Wodehouse,
  • Carl Hiaasen,
  • Paddington Bear,
  • Sherlock Holmes,
  • Just William,
  • Spongebob Squarepants,
  • Borat,
  • exploring the city and around,
  • memorising arcane facts and then showing off,
  • the New York Times' effect on man,
  • stayin' alive,
  • David Sedaris,
  • Dan Savage,
  • The Simpsons,
  • uebing mein Deutsch,
  • the Straight Dope,
  • big furry friendly dogs,
  • all dogs,
  • the theory of evolution,
  • sexy intrepid explorers in khaki shorts,
  • ranting bitterly against consumerism, cultural homogenisation and loss of diversity,
  • staring at cows and other placid herbivores as they ruminate,
  • article-hopping on Wikipedia,
  • the Onion,
  • the Borowitz Report,
  • the Straight Dope,
  • goosebumps on listening to a particularly beautiful piece of music,
  • getting mildly high on alcohol and dancing to songs I like,
  • austerity,
  • The Sound of Music,
  • pondering over problems of social and current interest,
  • learning about cultures and societies,
  • science and engineering,
  • Dilbert,
  • Looney Tunes,
  • cheap street food,
  • Mumbai/Bombay,
  • India,
  • gay rights activism,
  • supporting unpopular causes,
  • mountains,
  • Rambling On.
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