I am NO LIMIT slave.

Are you a sadistic, dominant, perverted, bizarre master,amoral dergader, no limits?

Do you want a slave as your property to realize ideas in the whole spectrum of sadism, perversion, sex, degradation, sexual slavery, full time toilet service? Do you want to invite your friends who like no limit extremes to sessions that go beyond ordinary human imagination and morality?

Are you interested in dehumanization,sexual objectification of a slave? Do you like a combination of sadism, perversion, sex, degadation, bondage during one action?
Using slave in balaclava in gloryhole by dozens of men without condom, shit rimming? Sklave total whore?

Write, I'll send you a photo, I'll discuss the options.

I am NO LIMIT slave.

Are you a sadistic, dominant, perverted, bizarre master, amoral dergader, no limits?

A slave is your property for the realization of sadism, perversion, sex, degradation, sexual slavery, full time toilet service, everything except the human imagination, even in a group.

Are you interested in extreme degradation, dehumanization, sexual objectification of a sklave?

I am looking for total enslavement - TPE, you will own me - TPE contract.

Write, I'll send you a photo, I'll discuss the options.

Europe - weekends, holidays, resolving personal matters, relocation to you. Outside Europe - holiday-agreement-personal matters-relocation.

From the first minute, you have a slave as your property.

I want to disappear from the world for a year, then visit my parents, sometimes a beer.

You set limits, sadistic use of a slave, no limit in perversion, degarad, use by other persons in groups, sale of a sklave to other persons for the purpose of extreme.

The sklave has no right: stop-cancel the contract-refuse anything-limit-terminate. He has no way back.

Basic terms: TPE, enslavement, no limit, pain pig, full toilet, rape, group abuse, isolation, imprisonment, dehumanization, objectification, sadistic torture, extreme perversion, group BDSM, cbt, needles, nailing ball, cock, burn hot iron (niple, acorn, skin), electro, jagged clamps, weights, ballbusting, whipping, spank, testicle beating,slapping,swallow shit-vomit-piss-cum,lick dirty urinal,tt,extreme bondage, group rape, rubber,fetish , modification of genitals and nipples, degradation, humiliation, chains, handcuffs, cellar, fist, hang slave in the air behind butcher S-hooks stuck in the chest, cruelty,photography, filming of extreme porn,public porn and pics on Internet,dildo, piercing testicle-cock-niple (nails, needles), connection to toilet hose,immobilization, gag, sling,handcuffs, leather belts, leg restraint, mummification, collar chains, swallow animal piss and shit, sale of slave, shitrimming , smegma lick, hooks and fishing hooks, knife cutting, blood, red stripes of whipping, bruises, permanently streched anal ...

Objectification-transformation of a sklave into an object-no moral restraints are imposet-there is no regret over object, object can be used ruthlessly.

Sexual objectification - a slave is an object for realization of any practices in sex, BDSM, for master and other persons, only realization of ideas of master and other people, must tolerate anything, his opinion or sexual arousal are not goal, he does not choose, obligation to satisfy even repulsive people.

Dehumanization-people have rights,feelings, morals,ideals, insurmountable taboos,sex out of love, jicgh has given up the contract, resigns in the transformation, and realizes his position, accepts it.Endless process.Special food and drink-50% classic food,50% human or animal feces,drink piss,mix water piss.

Rejection of anything-punishment-bloody whipping of 300 x, or piercing testicles-hot nail,or burning acorn-hot iron.

Results from bdsmtest.org
100% Exhibitionist
100% Brat
100% Slave
100% Masochist
100% Degradee
100% Voyeur
100% Rope bunny
100% Experimentalist
100% Non-monogamist
100% Submissive
84% Pet
57% Ageplayer
0% Switch.

Fetisch & BDSM18 bis 35 Jahre ● 500km um Tschechische Republik, Varnsdorf vor 3 Jahren
New Friends21 bis 31 Jahre ● 25km um Löbau vor 1 Jahr


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